Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Lewis and I am a self-proclaimed lover of everything about seafood. Fortunately for me, I live in England. And when it comes to seafood, there is no other place that I would rather be than to live here.

All about my love for seafood

I think my love for seafood started when my Dad introduced me to fishing. My father was a big fan of fishing. While he wouldn’t bring me to all his fishing expeditions, he brought me to a lot of them. It was somewhat a tradition in the family. My grandfather used to bring him along and he did the same to me.Most of the time, we ended up cooking whatever we caught. I remembered him teaching me how to cook my first seafood dish. It was quite simple but I think I developed a liking for it afterward. I found myself wanting to eat seafood all the time. Mom had to keep on coming up with great seafood dishes for me.

That is basically where my passion for seafood started. When I grew old enough to start cooking, I tried to learn how to cook different seafood dishes. I couldn’t rely on Mom to cook for me all the time. And eating out costs too much. So I just had to learn how to prepare my favourite dishes all the time.

About the website

My plans for my blog is to document every little adventure that is brought out of my passion for seafood. From the dishes that I cook and the recipes that I love to prepare. There will also be articles about the different types of fish that you can cook and the best way to prepare them. Although I am not a chef, I do have a lot of experience cooking seafood. At least, my family and friends like what I prepare so I know that my cooking is not that bad.I want to learn more about seafood and you will read all about it on my blog. When I make mistakes, I will tell you all about it so you do not make the same. Every time I visit a new restaurant, I will also blog about it. I will even tell you all about my favourite seafood restaurants too. Every little adventure that I have that is connected with seafood will be right on this website. I hope you get to learn as much as you can.