Let me tell you about my recent weekend in Malta. My friends and I all thought we needed a break from our hectic lives. I suggested that we spend a long weekend in Malta and everyone was happy to agree. So that weekend just happened and let me tell you a bit about the adventure that we went through.

One long weekend in Malta

What I like most about Malta will probably not surprise you. After all, you all know about my obsession with seafood. I suggested that we go to Malta because I had been itching to try out some of their dishes.

I have read that in Malta, you get to eat dishes made from fresh fish – so fresh that it was caught on the same day. That was a big pull for me. Fortunately, my friends haven’t been to Malta so they agreed to go with me.So what were the dishes that I tried during our weekend in Malta?

First was the Stuffed Calamari – or Klamari Mimlija as they called it. This dish is just like calamari but it has a Mediterranean twist to it. You prepare it the same way but you stuff it with a mixture that I think includes sauteed garlic, onions, breadcrumbs, and some cheese – ricotta if I am not mistaken. I seem to have tasted the tentacles also in the filling. The whole thing is also dipped in batter and deep-fried. The combination is amazing.

Another thing that I tasted was the Lampuki Pie. This is also known as the dolphin fish. It is considered one of the most flavourful seasonal fish in Malta. This pie is usually served from August until December only. This dish can actually be prepared in different ways but serving it as a pastry filled with vegetables, lampuka, and herbs is the best version in my opinion.

The last dish I tried during our long week was the Aljotta or fish soup. This is another traditional Maltese dish that uses local produce like tomatoes, onions, and fresh fish, of course. I like the rich taste of this soup. It can use any type of fish and that means this dish can be served any time of the year. I am planning to try this out myself when I get home.

Playing casino in Malta

Obviously, we did not just try out dishes in Malta. My friends wanted to go to a casino and have some fun. So we scheduled one night out to go to Casino Malta. This casino is a great representation of a typical Las Vegas casino. The place is really big. I saw some electronic roulette tables, poker, and other table games, and of course, hundreds of slot machines.I played a lot of games that night. Mostly, I stuck with slot machines. But eventually, I got tired and ventured to the table games. I played Blackjack and American Roulette. I won a bit of money from the Blackjack table – which was awesome. With the money I won, I got back to the slot machines until my friend found me and dragged me out to visit the bar. I never make deposits when I play casino games. Here is a guide to minimum deposits. I was not the big winner that night but I did win some so I am quite happy with our trip to Malta.

Overall, I am very happy with our weekend in Malta. I think I want to come back. I will probably bring my folks here – they will probably love the Maltese cuisine as much as I did.