Seafood on the BBQ is one of the best ways to prepare this dish. The grill brings a smoky flavour that is a great compliment to the delicate taste of any seafood. Of course, grilling fish or any type of seafood requires the right process so you get the taste that you want. If you do not know what you are doing. You might end up with a different flavour. Or, you could end up drying out the fish too much.

In this article, we will be discussing the basics of what you need to know when you want to put seafood on the bbq.

Preparing the barbecue

First of all, you need to know how to prepare the bbq. You have to start by cleaning the grate of the grill. This will minimise the chances that the fish or seafood will not stick to the grill. If it does stick, it will ruin the appearance of the dish. The fish has delicate skin and it can easily stick and be removed. This can easily be avoided by cleaning the grate properly.

The next thing that you should do is to oil the grill. You can simply get a paper towel or brush and use it to spread oil over the grate of the grill. You can liberally spread the oil. Once oiled, you can now warm the grill. Use gas or charcoal bbq to heat the charcoal. Wait until it turns grey – that means it is already hot.

Two ways to barbecue fish

There are many ways to cook seafood on the BBQ. Let us concentrate on fish in this article. There are actually two ways you can barbecue fish.


The first option is to barbecue fish fillets. You have a couple of options before you like salmon, halibut, swordfish, and tuna. It is important to look for a fish with a thick and steak-like texture. This will keep it from falling apart when you grill it. Once you have chosen the fillet, you can prep it by spreading oil and spices all over it. Olive oil is the best to use to grease the fish. When it comes to spices, salt, and pepper is usually enough. Sugar will make the fish stick to the grill so do not use that. In case you want to add more spices, you should grill the fish inside a foil. If you do not want to use foil, you should place the fillet skin side down first. This helps hold the fish together. Let it cook for 3 to 5 minutes before you flip it over using a spatula. Once done, you can remove it from the grill and place it on a plate.

Whole fish

Another way to cook seafood on the BBQ is to use whole fish. What is important here is you should buy fresh fish. Not only that, you should clean it properly. That includes getting the scales out. If you do not know how to do this, ask the fish vendor to do it for you. Before you grill, score the skin so the heat can enter the fish easily. You can use a paring knife and slash both sides of the fish. Cut deeper where the meat is thicker. Seasoning will be the same as the fillet. However, you need to make sure you season even the inside of the fish. You can stuff the inside of the fish. If you want to keep everything inside, you can use a foil to wrap the fish. For the stuffing, you can use onions and butter, or garlic with rosemary, or even thyme and lemon. Since you are dealing with a whole fish, it will take longer to finish cooking. It will take around 8 to 10 minutes to completely cook. Make sure the heat from the coals is not too high or else you will burn the skin of the fish – which might taste bitter.

Seafood on the BBQ is best served with a side dish. There are a couple of options. You can serve it with potatoes – french fries or chips. You can also serve it with brown rice or quinoa. If you want a salad, you can serve bean or caesar salad. You can also steam vegetables or serve it with pasta.