Do you know the benefits of eating seafood? Apparently, this is one of the healthiest dishes that you can enjoy. In fact, a lot of people all over the world use it as their main source of protein. Regardless of the economic status, it is easy for people to eat seafood. Those living near any body of water can catch it for free – unless of course, they are on private property.

The truth is, you do not really need to eat a lot of fish if you want to enjoy the nutritional benefits that it can bring. You only need a small amount – around 140 to 280 grams each week. And that is for adults. Kids should consume less than that.

Health benefits when you eat seafood

But what exactly are the benefits of eating seafood? Let me break them down for you.

Low in fat

Seafood contains fat – but it is the good kind of fat. Not only that, the fat content of this seafood is only 2%. If you want to lose weight, this is a great source of protein. It is not like meat or chicken wherein you have to remove the fat. There is hardly any, to begin with, so you do not have to do anything.

Low in cholesterol

Another thing that is great about seafood is that it is also low in cholesterol. Like fat, we also need cholesterol in our body – but the good one. That is what seafood can bring you. Not only that, the low-fat content in seafood will also help lower the existing cholesterol that you have in your body – which is also a great benefit in lowering the risk of a heart disease.

High in protein

Even with a small dose, fish can give you the protein intake more favourably than meat and chicken. If you are exercising, having enough protein in your body is very important. You can include seafood among the dishes that can give you this.

High in vitamins and minerals

Apart from protein, you will also get a lot of vitamins and minerals from eating seafood. Among what you will get includes zinc, potassium, iodine, and phosphorus. You will also get a healthy dose of Vitamin B – the whole group.

Dose of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

This is probably one of the most important benefits of eating seafood. This is a type of fat – polyunsaturated fat, to be exact. It has a lot of nutrients that are essential to make our bodies healthy. While our body needs this, we cannot produce it ourselves. That means you need fish more than ever. You have to eat it at least once a week.

Now that you know the various benefits of eating seafood, you should make sure that it is always a part of your weekly meal plan.