If you are looking for seafood restaurants in London, you are in luck! There are so many options for you to choose from. The locals love to eat seafood so there are bound to be a lot of these around.

A great restaurant does more than just serve seafood dishes. Of course, the dishes are important but that is not the only thing that will make people come back for more. The restaurant should also excel in other areas like service and the overall ambiance. Both of these are important in providing you with the best dining experience.

Best seafood restaurants in London

So what are the names of the best seafood restaurants in London? Here are four of the best options that you have.


This restaurant is a Michelin star holder. If that is not enough proof that you should try this restaurant out, then you will not be disappointed. Upon entering the restaurant, you will know why they deserved that star. First of all, the dining room is airy and very sleek. It is located in the South Place Hotel, on the seventh floor to be exact. This gives you a great view of the city while you eat. The menu consists of flavourful dishes like the gourmet barbecue, crisp-fried scallops, etc.

Mussel Men

If you want mussels, this is the best restaurant to go to. It is generally expensive but it is all worth it. The restaurant is a fun place to dine in. It used to be a pop-up restaurant. But because of its success, it became a permanent one – much to the delight of its loyal patrons. The seafood is really good. You get to enjoy mussels – since it is obviously the focus in this restaurant. But you also have other seafood dishes to enjoy. They have surf ‘n’ turf nights and even Sunday roasts. The place has a nautical theme to it and they also serve the best cocktails to compliment the seafood dishes served.

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

This place has everything that you need. It has a bar and an old-school restaurant. The menu is also quite expensive but one taste will make it all worth it. The ingredients are picked with only perfection in mind and the flavours coming from every dish is delightful. They serve the classic seafood dishes like stuffed baby squid and fish pie with lobster.


Probably one of the great things about this restaurant is the dining area that is shaped like a ship. Of course, the dishes are also quite great. They offer a lobster salad that is served with sorbet. They also have a pistachio and rhubarb tart. The highlight, when it comes to the dishes, is the Norwegian red king crab. It is actually prepared in 4 ways – you get to choose how you want your crab to be prepared.

These four are only some of the best seafood restaurants in London. Of course, there are more establishments to choose from – you just have to do your research.